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What are legal reasons to travel under lockdown?

What is legal travel

Confused! Of course you are! Can you travel, what is a legal reason to travel?
Lets see if we can help a little to cut through the confusion.

The information is taken from government website if you’d like to check.

You can travel for work where it is not possible to complete the work in the UK.

For academic studies or professional qualifications where physical presence is required.

Medical or compassionate grounds
This includes:
to visit someone who is dying or critically ill,
maternity services, or to be with someone who is giving birth, or with a baby receiving neonatal critical care,
medical treatment or emergency which cannot be reasonably received in the UK or to accompany a person where necessary,
to avoid injury or illness or escape risk of harm (such as domestic abuse).

Weddings or civil partnerships
You can only travel out of the UK to attend your wedding or civil partnership, or a family member’s wedding or civil partnership.

It is still a reasonable excuse to travel abroad for a funeral.


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