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Have you had your vaccine? Then download the NHS app.

There has been much talk about the vaccine passport but until the Government decides on a specific way of implementing one there is the NHS app which in many ways can be considered as a vaccine passport, in fact many countries are already accepting the NHS app as a vaccine passport.

Go to where you get your apps and download the NHS app, not the track and trace app. Once you have done so and registered and identified yourself you can then avail yourself of your own personal NHS app from which you can make appointments, see some of your medical history and see details of your Covid-19 vaccine. If you wish to travel, this app will be what you need to prove you have had your jabs. If you don’t have a smart phone you won’t be able to get the app but you can get a paper version by calling the NHS on 119 – please allow 4 weeks before travelling.

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