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Non-redeemable fees

We understand that many people would like to know what non-redeemable fees are and so we explain them here.

When you book with us, from the moment you make a booking we are subject to charges for merely making the booking, as soon as you make a payment we are subject to further charges.

As an ATOL agent, those clients who are issued with an ATOL certificate cause us to have to pay yet another fee and also should the principle airline go out of business, that is covered too and yes there are fees we pay for that also!

All theses fees add up and have to be paid regardless of what happens and so we are subject to pay these fees because we have made a booking for you.

When we refund you we cannot refund these fees as they are not refunded to us.

These fees are paid once per person per booking and regardless of how many times we make changes, re-issue tickets etc.

During this time of the pandemic, we have had to re-book passengers many times and clients have not had to pay fees for this. We have re-issued tickets many times and again you have not had to make additional payments for this.

You only pay these fees once but you can get a great deal for these fees, especially when there is a problem!

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