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Getting Names Right

Travelling by air used to be simple and a lot less stressful. There was a time when, if you got a name slightly wrong, it didn’t matter, there was also a time when the airline only took the passengers first initial and last name. Today, it’s all different, the room for mistakes is virtually non-existent!

In the worst-case scenario, getting a name wrong could result in you not being able to travel. Often if mistakes are picked up early enough they can be rectified with little to no cost, but the longer a mistake remains unresolved, the more difficult it becomes to rectify it.


The most common mistake is with double-barrelled names – some people just don’t remember them. When asked by an agent what’s the name in the passport, very few people open their passports to check and give the name they ‘think’ is in the passport, which is not always right.

If you are a parent who has given your child a double-barrelled name just take a look in the passport to remind yourself of what it is. Mrs X (that’s not her real name) would have not had the stress she did this morning at Manchester airport if she had checked.

Turn up at the airport with the name on your passport and ticket different, and you face losing your holiday. The holiday you spent all year paying for, the one you have been looking forward to since the last holiday. It’s just not worth it when the problem could have been prevented by knowing the name of the person being booked by checking their passport.


Don’t forget passenger’s names go on all sorts of documents – get it wrong and the consequences can be severe in today’s security environment. Here’s a list of documents that need to have the same name as in your passport:

Airline ticket
Hotel Vouchers
Cruise Vouchers
Car Hire Vouchers

Please, please help us to help you, get the name right.



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