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Credit Card Fees

As you may have heard, the government are banning fees charged on credit cards, debit cards and American Express cards.

Whilst many of you may feel this is a good thing, in our view and many of our colleagues in the travel industry, it is counterproductive.

The fees themselves have not gone away, they are still very much there, but we cannot pass them on to you.

We are being forced to include these fees into our standard charges, we have always felt this is unfair as anyone paying by any other means apart from credit cards need not suffer these fees, but it seems that some companies have been using fees as a way of profiteering and so the government have been heavy handed in its attempt to find a solution.

Alas on the 13th of January we will no longer be allowed to charge fees on any card payment.

We will be sending out the necessary correspondence in a few days to those who have bookings with us, to let you know how you will be directly affected in the coming weeks.

Remember you can always call us if things are unclear, we're here to assist.

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Credit Card Fees

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