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Carnival's over, now what?

18 February 2013 After days of unabashed partying and hours of wining and chipping, loud music and flowing alcohol, what do you do when it’s all over?
Well is seems you head for the beach where you can recover from the over-exertion of the past few days, wash off the body paint or whatever else may be daubed on the body and if you choose, party some more with a cool down after party.

                              T&T Tourist Board

Some head to Maracas beach, Maracas Beach is an hour's drive North from Port of Spain, one of the most famous aspects of Maracas Beach are the dozen Bake and Shark huts. Bake and Shark is a Trinidadian native dish that consists of deep-fried shark stuffed in a "Bake". "Bake" is actually kneaded flour usually made for roti that is fried in certain shapes to make the bread.

                               Shark & Bake

The mountainous drive to Maracas beach provides breath-taking scenery, building up the anticipation to the beautiful beach itself. On the way near the top of the mountain, offers a very popular "look out" point, offering an illustrious view overlooking the beach.

                               Maracas Bay

Others head to Tobago, Trinidad's serene sister island. If you've got time Tobago will replenish you after all that overstimulation, Store Bay beach just minutes from the airport with for teal waters, homemade coconut ice cream and the Nylon Pool for warm, shallow waters surrounded by coral reefs. For something less touristy, try Swallows beach. Fly with Caribbean Airlines and get your ticket early or you could end up at the dock queuing with the masses for a spot on the boat over.

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