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Caribbean Honeymoons

18 February 2013 When it comes to honeymoon destinations there are loads to choose from and depending on one’s particular penchant there is something for everyone.
The Caribbean has more than its fair share of idyllic destinations for honeymooners, ranging from small, intimate and bijou to grand and opulent. Highlighted are just three of the most popular Caribbean Honeymoon hotspots, in each you can find an array of places to stay and things to do catering to all tastes and budgets.

Fun-loving couples who want a relaxed getaway will revel in happy-go-lucky Jamaica. The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is easy to reach, economical, and blessed with a bevy of sports and natural offerings as well as a thriving nightlife. Surrounded by the bright blue sea, the "land of wood and water" has mountain ranges, rivers, miles of beaches, 25 indigenous bird species, 3,800 flowering plants – some of which are unique to Jamaica.
For the uninitiated, Jamaicans speak an English based kind of patois, if you listen carefully every so often you can pick up a word  or two and sometimes that’s all you need to figure out what’s being said. See our destination guide on Jamaica.
Our winter is the best time to go for the best weather, hotels are busiest mid-December to mid-March, flights are the most expensive during the school holidays, the Hurricane season stretches from June to November.

                                    Boatyard Beach

This small, sophisticated expat island in the southeast Caribbean offers plenty of British charm without the gray weather (it even lies just outside the hurricane zone!). Here, afternoon tea and cricket matches mix with spicy food and amazing sunsets for a stress-free escape.
English is the spoken language but if you listen carefully to the locals you’ll hear them breakdown into their own patois which when “raw”, can be difficult to understand. See our destination guide on Barbados.
 The climate in Barbados is tropical with the rainy season lasting from June to October. The temperature is usually pleasant year round and hurricanes are infrequent. Hotels are busiest mid-December to mid-March, flights are the most expensive during the school holidays.


                               Coconut Bay

Scenic peaks and lush vegetation are just a few things that make this southern Caribbean island so idyllic. St. Lucia's symbols are the jagged Piton peaks, rugged mountains that climb from the sea to lofty heights. Located on the island's southwest coast, the verdant slopes of Gros Piton and Petit Piton are among the Caribbean's most recognizable landmarks.
The official language of St. Lucia is English, however commonly spoken also is a French based Creole and no matter how hard you listen it will sound “French” to the English speaking. See our destination guide on St. Lucia.
 St. Lucia's climate is mild, with almost constant northeast trade winds. The average  temperature is 26/27 degrees C, the rainy season runs from June to November. Hotels are busiest Mid-Dec to Mid-Mar and flights are most expensive during the school holidays. The Hurricane season goes from June to November.

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